Grady McFerrin


Agent: Emily van Beek
Partner | YA, middle grade, and picture books

You can find more information on Grady McFerrin’s website.

Grady McFerrin is an award-winning illustrator and designer with nearly twenty years of experience as a commercial artist. His work has been featured on a variety of magazines, books, record covers, wine labels  and print ads. He began his career shortly after graduating from Cal State Long Beach and moving to San Francisco, where he was hired to illustrate articles for alt-weeklies and to design concert posters for the world famous Fillmore Auditorium. He continued his career in Brooklyn, where he learned that he likes his bodega coffee hot, even in the middle of the muggiest summers, and that is considered aberrant behavior by most.  He now lives in South Pasadena with his wife and two boys.  In 2018, he illustrated his first full-length picture book, Boats on the Bay, written by Jeanne Walker Harvey and published by Cameron Kids.