Too Many Moose!

Too Many Moose27015381!

By Lisa Bakos

Pictures by Mark Chambers


July 05, 2016

When Martha gets an unusual pet, she’s delighted by all of the fun things they do together!

The shared an umbrella,
They sipped maple tea.
They carved hearts and ‘Ms
On a mulberry tree.

If one moose is this marvelous, then more must be better! So, Martha quite merrily orders one more – and one more and one more and one more… until she’s in a major mess!

Through silly, exuberant rhymes and marvelous alliteration, Martha learns that sometimes less is more in this madcap moose adventure.

wheel “A humorous tale filled with rhythm and M-word play… this is great fun to read aloud and an entertaining ode to human-animal friendship. Chambers’ digital illustrations on a white background present moose that are animated, antic, and delightfully personable” – Kirkus

wheel “Told with rhyming text and alliteration, this is a charming tale about the perils of pet ownership. The pictures are colorful, and the plot is entertaining. Readers are shown how easily the protagonist’s merriment is turned into mayhem. A solid addition to picture book collections and a fun read-aloud for any animal-themed storytimes.” – School Library Journal