Rosco vs. the Baby

Rosco vs. th718bxs0qXvLe Baby

by Lindsay Ward

Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers

June 14, 2016

In this adorable new picture book by Lindsay Ward, the classic rivalry between dog and new baby comes to vivid life as an overwhelmingly cute battle for their attention ensues.

Rosco the family dog is the heavyweight champion of 17 Parkwood Avenue—until a new baby comes home, and it’s on. Rosco vs. the Baby: Round 1.

Rosco does not like the new baby, and he is determined to maintain his place as “alpha” within the household. But Rosco has underestimated his opponent. This baby will not be tamed, will not step aside, unreasonably refuses to stand down and find another home.

Enough is enough! Rosco takes action. Baby retaliates. Two heavyweights. One house.

Rosco has met his match. But will they call a truce?

wheel “Rough and tumble with a soft edge, this adversarial-to-congenial relationship will have fans cheering.”

wheel “Ward’s imagining of a very active war of wills—“Two heavyweights. One house”—is a fresh, clever twist, and one that should appeal to both singletons and newly-made siblings.” —Publishers Weekly