Ready, Set, Build!

Ready71ftmmm1tzl, Set, Build!

Words by Meg Fleming

Pictures by Jarvis

little bee books

April 4, 2017

Grab your hard hat and get ready for a day of construction fun with a busy builder and his friend!

Grab your hard hat, tie your boots.

Pack your lunch. Ready? Scoot!

Sketch a dream. Post a chart.

Hatch the plan before you start.

Get ready for a day full of construction fun! Children can follow a busy dog builder as he sketches and plans his dream, clears rubble to make space, and gets to work digging, lifting, and sawing. He builds a house for himself and his bird friend, and satisfied after a hard day’s work, they takes in all they’ve done and look forward to the next day of building!

 “Good, artfully delivered advice for would-be builders of any age.” —Kirkus Reviews 

 “A definite winner for construction-themed storytimes and for readers looking for a fun and vibrant picture book. Expect high circulation.” —School Library Journal