Cybele Young

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Cybèle Young is a renowned artist and author, whose work is exhibited and collected internationally. She spends her days creating miniature worlds from fine Japanese papers. Engaging with abstract and familiar motifs, she juxtaposes sculptures to create a sense of dialogue or play between them. Her intricate sculptural artworks are inspired by seemingly insignificant day-to-day experiences, where objects imply human interactions and small observations become fantastic.

Since graduating from sculpture and printmaking at the Ontario College of Art and Design in 1995,  Cybèle has been showing her work in galleries around the world, such as New York, LA, Miami, London, Stockholm, Japan, Singapore, Korea and across Canada. Cybèle has received critical acclaim in such publications as Art in America, The New York Times, NYLON, Wallpaper, Canadian Art Magazine, Globe and Mail, Elle, Toronto Star, NOW and MacLeans. Her work has also been featured online in such publications as Buzzfeed, Colossal, and Jocundist. Her work resides in major collections around the world – including OMERS, Ernst and Young, BMO, Gryphon, Canadian Foreign Affairs and the Canada Council Art Bank – and in the private homes of collectors such as Ben Stiller, Noah Baumbach, Christian Louboutin and George Soros.

She works in a diverse range of mediums, but always at the root is a close connection to the hand, to paper and to the drawn line. Cybèle has both written and illustrated 8 picture books to date. Her books garner starred reviews and numerous awards. Most notably, she won the Governor General’s Award for for her book ‘Ten Birds’ in 2011.

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